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Denmark Proverbs, Axioms, Old Sayings and Ancient Wisdom

Inspiring Quotes and Proverbial Wisdom from the Denmark about Destiny, Truth and Beauty, Life and Death

It is too late to learn to swim when the water is up to your lips. -- Danish Proverb

He is most cheated who cheats himself. -- Danish Proverb

Don't sail out farther than you can row back. -- Danish Proverb

Wise care keeps what it has gained. -- Danish Proverb

A bad wife wishes her husband's heel turned homewards, and not his toe. -- Danish Proverb

Slander expires at a good woman's door. -- Danish Proverb
What the sober man has in his heart, the drunkard has on his lips. -- Danish Proverb

He who gives to me teaches me to give. -- Danish Proverb

Better thin beer than an empty jug. -- Danish Proverb

Laziness is the devil's pillow. -- Danish Proverb

Better a friend's bite than an enemy's caress. -- Danish Proverb

Presents make women affable, priests indulgent, and the law crooked. -- Danish Proverb

Live with wolves, and you learn to howl. -- Dane Proverb

We get too soon old and too late smart. -- Danish Proverb

What you are is God's gift to you what you do with yourself is your gift to God. -- Dane Proverb

Many small streams make a large river. -- Danish Proverb

The best advice is found on the pillow. -- Danish Proverb

Never advise anyone to go to war or to marry. -- Dane Proverb

Live according to your means. -- Danish Proverb

Pigs and old men rut in the spring. -- Danish Proverb

Slugs whisper in the ears of hens. -- Danish Proverb

Eggs and oaths are easily broken. -- Danish Proverb

Wise men do not quarrel with each other. -- Danish Proverb

Who takes the child by the hand takes the mother by the heart. -- Danish Proverb

Faint hearts never win fair ladies. -- Danish Proverb

A boor remains a boor, though he sleep on silken sheets. -- Danish Proverb

A good example is like a bell that calls many to church. -- Danish Proverb

Rust consumes iron and envy consumes itself. -- Danish Proverb

No one is rich enough to do without a neighbor. -- Danish Proverb

Young pigs grunt as old pigs grunted before them. -- Danish Proverb

Bad is never good until worse happens. -- Danish Proverb

Children are a poor man's wealth. -- Danish Proverb

A bad horse eats as much as a good one. -- Danish Proverb

Better poor on land than rich at sea. -- Danish Proverb

He who is afraid of asking is ashamed of learning. -- Danish Proverb

He who would leap high must take a long run. -- Danish Proverb

Big words seldom accompany good deeds. -- Danish Proverb

Ask advice only of your equals. -- Danish Proverb

He who flees proves himself guilty. -- Danish Proverb

Life is not holding a good hand; Life is playing a poor hand well.-- Danish proverb

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What are Proverbs and Where do the come from?

Proverbs and old sayings reveal many aspects about the cultural  traditions of a society. Proverbs originated from indigenous humble folk who handed down these wise old sayings over the centuries, generation to generation. Many proverbs serve as advisory tales, wise counsel and occasionally chastisement.