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Ethiopian Saying, Old Sayings and Proverbial Wisdom

Inspiring Quotes and Proverbial Wisdom from Ethiopia about Destiny, Honor and Beauty, Life and Death

A  Coffee and love taste best when hot. -- Ethiopia Proverb

 The best of mankind is a farmer; the best food is fruit. -- Ethiopian Proverb

When one is in love, a cliff becomes a meadow. -- Ethiopian Proverb

Whether it rains or stops raining, the lentils have two eyes. -- Ethiopian Proverb

They snatched from me my own cry. -- Ethiopian Proverb

Invite him as not to antagonize him, shove him off as not to let him eat. -- Ethiopian Proverb

One should punish a child the first time he comes home with a stolen egg.  Otherwise, the day he returns home with a stolen ox, it will be too late. -- Ethiopian Proverb

The calves do not fear the horns of their mother.-- Ethiopian Proverb

His mouth talks about Sheik Hussein but his hands are stretched up to the tree. -- Ethiopian Proverb

One does not became fat because he broke a fast. -- Ethiopian Proverb

He who learns, teaches. -- Ethiopian Proverb

Coffee is our bread.-- Ethiopian Proverb

The beer is difficult to strain. -- Ethiopian Proverb

When they wish to eat a vulture, they call it a guinea fowl. -- Ethiopian Proverb

If they speak, they are wind; if they are silent, they are gourds. -- Ethiopia Proverb

The arrogant blind man picks a fight with his guide. -- Ethiopian Proverb

The fool is thirsty in the midst of a downpour. -- Ethiopia Proverb


When you are pepper, I am mustard; when thou art a needle, I am a knife. -- Ethiopian Proverb

He who has nothing to do, scatters and gathers. -- Ethiopian Proverb

The witness of a rat is another rat. -- Ethiopia Proverb

When the heart overflows, it comes out through the mouth. -- Ethiopia Proverb





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