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 Japanese proverbs

Japanese Proverbs, Motivational and Inspirational Quotes, Old Sayings and Words of  Wisdom

Inspiring Quotes and Proverbial Wisdom from Japan  about Fortune, Pride and Dignity, Time and Mortality

The Fallen blossom doesn't return to the branch. -- Japanese Proverbs

 If you look up, there are no limits. -- Japanese Proverb

Count the skins of badgers which haven't been caught. -- Japanese Proverb 

Even a fool has one talent. -- Japanese Proverb
If you see Mt. Fuji, a hawk, and an eggplant on New Year’s Day, you will be forever blessed. . -- Japanese Proverb

Knowledge without wisdom is a load of books on a fools back. -- Japanese Proverb

The jellyfish never dances with the shrimp.-- Japanese Proverb

If you wish to learn the highest truths, begin with the alphabet. -- Japanese Proverb

If you never climb Mt. Fuji, you’re a fool, and if you climb it more than once, you’re a crazy fool. -- Japanese Proverb 

Deceive the rich and powerful if you will, but don't insult them. -- Japanese Proverb

Let each child follow his own path even if it takes him to the edge of a cliff. -- Japanese Proverb

Follow the villagers when you are in the new village. -- Japanese Proverb

There is no flower that remains red for ten days, and no power that lasts for ten years. -- Japanese Proverb

The go-between wears out a thousand sandals. -- Japanese Proverb

The slug always leaves a trail to follow. -- Japanese Proverb

The winds may fell the massive oak, but bamboo, bent even to the ground, will spring upright after the passage of the storm. -- Japanese Proverb

Duty knows no family. -- Japanese Proverb

Vision without action is a daydream. Action with without vision is a nightmare. -- Japanese Proverb

Difficulties make you a jewel. -- Japanese Proverb 

Time spent laughing is time spent with the Gods. -- Japanese Proverb 

The strong will protect the weak and, in return, the weak will serve the strong. -- Japanese Proverb

Even monkeys fall from trees. -- Japanese Proverb

The reputation of a thousand years may be determined by the conduct of one hour. -- Japanese Proverb

Revere the Emperor and expel the barbarians. -- Japanese Proverb

Dumplings are better than flowers. -- Japanese Proverb

He who would go a hundred miles should consider ninety-nine as halfway. -- Japanese Proverb

The head of a dragon, the tail of a snake. -- Japanese Proverb

Work the fields on a fine day, study on a rainy day. -- Japanese Proverb

Every worm to his taste. -- Japanese Proverb

Fall seven times, stand up eight. -- Japanese Prove

The nail that sticks up will be hammered down. -- Japanese Proverb

What are Proverbs and Where do the come from?

Proverbs and old sayings reveal many aspects about the cultural  traditions of a society. Proverbs originated from common folk who handed down their wise old sayings over the centuries, generation to generation. Many proverbs serve as cautionary
tales, wise counsel and occasionally are humorous.



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