The History of Art And The Curious Lives of Famous Painters

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Major Art Periods and Movements

Prehistoric  Paleolithic 35,000 - 8,000 BC, Mesolithic 8,000 - 3,500 BC, Neolithic  5,000 - 1,500 BC

Assyrian 1520 - 612 BC

Egyptian  Old Kingdom 3200 - 2185 BC, Middle Kingdom 2040 - 1650 BC , New Kingdom 1550 - 1070 BC 

Greek 700-323 BC

Roman 500 BC-350 AD

Early Christian Art  1 - 331 AD

Migration Period  300 -900 AD

Carolingian 750-985

Byzantine 500-1450

Gothic 1150-1580

Early Renaissance  1350-1500

High Renaissance 1450-1530

Mannerism  1510-1600

Northern Renaissance 1350-1600


Rococo  1710-1790

Neoclassical 1740-1835

Romanticism 1750-1860

Academic Classicism 1865-1920 

Pre-Raphaelite 1840-1855

Impressionism 1860-1895

Postimpressionism 1882-1915

Pointillism  1885-1903

Symbolism  1860-1910

Nabis 1890-1898

Art Nouveau 1890-1920

Tonalism 1880-1920


Cubism 1905-1920

Futurism 1907-1944


Dada 1915-1950

Art Deco 1915-1940

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