John James Audubon


American Painter, Woodsman and Writer

Birth Place -  Santo Domingo in 1785

Education - enrolled in the French Naval Academy at he age of 14.

Other occupations -  a limner (traveling portrait artist), dance instructor, clerk and taxidermist.

Marriage - 1808 to local schoolmarm Lucy Bakewell.

Legal Woes - 1819 he was briefly jailed for failing to pay his debts.

Cause of Death -  Old Age

John James Audubon Quotes

I am as dull as a beetle. -- John James Audubon Quote

Up the river the view was indeed enchanting.; the undulating meadows sloped gently to the water's edge on either side, and the larks that sprang up before me, welcoming the sun's rise, animated my thoughts so much that I felt tears trickling down my cheeks as I gave thanks to the God who gave life to all these in a day. -- John James Audubon Quote

A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers but borrowed from his children. -- John James Audubon

Look at that mallard as he floats on the lake; see his elevated head glittering with emerald green, his amber eyes glancing in the light! Even at this distance, he has marked you, and suspects that you bear no goodwill towards him, for he sees that you have a gun, and he has many a time been frightened by its report, or that of some other. The wary bird draws his feet under his body, springs upon then, opens his wings, and with loud quacks bids you farewell.-- John James Audubon Quote

The sun at length sank beneath the waterline that here formed the horizon; and we saw the birds making their first appearance. They were in small parties of two, three, or five, and by no menas shy. -- John James Audubon Quote

John James Audubon Interesting Facts:

Audubon mother was a comely young French chambermaid and his father was a handsome plantation owner and man of the sea.
 Audubon was illegitimate but supported fully by his father.

Audubon's mother died when he was just 6 months of age.

In 1803 Audubon fled to America in to escape being conscripted into Napoleon's bloodthirsty army.

Despite some financial success Audubon was always under the threat of debtor's prison and on the edge of bankruptcy


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