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George Bellows


One of the Greatest Painters Of All Time

 American Painter

Education - Studied under Robert Henri

Cause of Death - Appendicitis


The great American painter and printmaker, Bellows was born in Columbus, Ohio to a wealthy architect and builder. He dropped out of Ohio State University to pursue his true love of painting. Studying under Robert Henri in New York City. His work has a direct, unselfconscious realism and has survived because of its humanity and sincere conviction. He was a well loved teacher at the Art Students League, New York City.

 George Bellows Quotations

"The ideal artist is he who knows everything, feels everything, experiences everything, and retains his experience in a spirit of wonder and feeds upon it with creative lust." -- George Bellows Quote

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance." -- George Bellows

"Art strives for structure, and aspires for magnificence. " -- George Bellows

"Lacking choice art dies."-- George Bellows

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