Albert Bierstadt


One of the Greatest Painters Of All Time

American Hudson River School  Landscape Painter

Artistically and Stylistically Influenced by the following Painters and Art Movements 

Cause of Death -Old Age

Albert Bierstadt Quotations
Inspiring Quotes and Wisdom about Art, Truth and Beauty, Life and Talent

Truly all is remarkable and a wellspring of amazement and wonder. Man is so fortunate to dwell in this American Garden of Eden." -- Albert Bierstadt Quote

 "Christ is one with His creatures and so man must treat his fellow creatures as Christ would. The continual slaughter of native species must be halted before all is lost. " -- Albert Bierstadt Quote

"The magnificent beauty of the natural world is a manifestation of the mysterious natural laws that will be forever obscured from us." -- Albert Bierstadt Quote

Albert Bierstadt Interesting Facts:

Albert Bierstadt was born in Solingen, a small hamlet near Düsseldorf in the German Rhineland .

After a string financial misadventures the Bierstadt family decided to try their luck in the New World and left the Fatherland in 1831. Young Albert was 18 months when the family landed in Bedford, Massachusetts.

 Albert Bierstadt found himself drawn back to his roots and returned to Düsseldorf, Germany between 1853 and 1857 to study painting.

 In 1858 Bierstadt set out on his own for the desolate Wyoming Territory, where he spent a time capturing the beauty of the American West.

 Bierstadt was fascinated by Native Americans, often living amongst them in a makeshift teepee and wearing a loin cloth. He spent his time sketching wild animals, and capturing the virgin landscape.

 Albert Bierstadt was not only the greatest landscape painter of all time, the incredibly talented man dabbled in inventing various mechanical devices


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