John Constable

One of the Greatest Painters Of All Time

  English Romantic Landscape Painter

Artistically and Stylistically Influenced by the following Painters: Claude Lorrain, Thomas Gainsborough,  Peter Paul Rubens, Classical Greek and Baroque Art

 Cause of Death - Heart Failure

It is important to understand that John Constable as a painter was not interested in trends and new techniques; he was captivated by the landscape alone.  As for style, Constable applies the general rules of conventional pictorial landscape art, the first principle being that a painting must take into consideration the flatness and immobility of the surface.  He imitates--at least in part--the techniques of Claude Lorrain, Thomas Gainsborough,  Peter Paul Rubens 
and Paolo Veneziano.

According to his biographer, Mary Schell Hoke Bacon, "Constable had many enemies, and made many more after he became an Academician. Some artists, who would have liked that honour and who could not gain it for themselves, declared that Constable painted with a palette knife," though it certainly would not have mattered if he had, since he made great pictures."

Constable loved to live in the beautiful landscapes he painted, often pitching a tent and reveling in the beauty of nature. Overwhelmingly, a spiritual path guided much of his art. The refreshing beauty nature of his work has captivated art lovers for over two centuries.

John Constable  Art Quotations

Love of nature transcends the physical realm and finds meaning in the spiritual light. -- John Constable

I would rather be a poor man in England than a rich man abroad.. -- John Constable

I have been ill, but am endeavouring to get work again, and could I get afloat upon a canvas of six feet, I might have a chance of being.  -- John Constable

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References - Pictures Every Child Should Know by Mary Schell Hoke Bacon