Paul Delaroche


French Academic Classicism  Painter

Artistically Influenced by the Following Painters and Art Movements - Baron Gros,  Canaletto, Caravaggio,  Michelangelo Albrecht DureMythology and Classical Greek

Education - studied under Claude-Henri Watelet and later Baron Gros

Medium - oil on linen

Cause of Death -  Heart Failure

Distinguished art critic and historian
John C. Van Dyke oberved "
Delaroche was an eclectic—in fact, founded a school of that name—thinking to take what was best from both parties. Inventing nothing, he profited by all invented. He employed the romantic subject and color, but adhered to classic drawing. His composition was good, his costume careful in detail, his brush-work smooth, and his story-telling capacity excellent. All these qualities made him a popular painter, but not an original or powerful one. Ary Scheffer (1797-1858) was an illustrator of Goethe and Byron, frail in both sentiment and color, a painter who started as a romanticist, but afterward developed line under Ingres.

There is one thing more powerful than kings and all the soldiers in the world, and that is a visionary who has the courage. to persevere. -- Paul Delaroche

Paul Delaroche Biography Information

At the insistence of his overbearing father Delaroche was trained first to be a landscape painter.

In 1818, young Delaroche entered the studio of world famous Antoine-Jean Gros.

Delaroche' s notorious painting "The Young Martyr" is in the collection of the Louvre, Paris.

In 1833 he was named professor to the École des Beaux-Arts.

An overwhelmed and grief stricken Delaroche closed his studio in 1843 after the horrifying death of one of his students during a hazing prank gone awry.

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