Master Dionysius


Russian Byzantine Painter

Influences - Theophanes The Greek,  and Andrei Rublev

Cause of Death - old age

Dionysius was born into a family of painters and goldsmiths. He was apprenticed from a young age.  He completed many great works in his long life time and is considered one of the greatest Russian icon painter of all time.

Icons are different than paintings and do not represent what a artist sees. There is certain rigid compositional formula that an Icon painter must follow. Icons play a part in the Orthodox Church ritual.  Icons have been known to cure the sick, answer prayers and bring about miracles.

Most prominently featured in Dionysius's work are  the holy figures of the Christian faith--the -ChristSaints, The CrossVirgin Mary Chalice, Keys, The Anchor, Wheat The Good Shepherd, and The Apostles

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References - The Story of Mankind by Hendrik van Loon, published 1921

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