The History of Art And The Curious Lives of Famous Painters

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Famous English Artists Listed Alphabetically

William Blake (1757 - 1827) English, Visionary

John Collier (1850-1934) English, Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
John Constable (1776-1837) English, Romantic

Walter Howell Deverell (1827-1854) English, Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

Thomas Gainsborough (1727 - 1788) English, Rococo
John William Godward (1861 - 1922) English, Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

Thomas Hudson (1701-1779) English, Rococo
Edward Robert Hughes (1849-1914) English, Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
William Holman Hunt (1827 - 1910) English, Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

Frederick Leighton (1830 - 1896)  English, Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood 

John Everett Millais (1829-1896) English, Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

Sir Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792) English, Rococo
Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828 - 1882) English, Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
John Ruskin (1819 - 1900) English

Paul Sandby (1730-1809) English, Rococo

Joseph Mallord Turner (1775-1851) English,

George Frederick Watts (1817-1904) English, Symbolist
William Clarke Wontner (1857-1930) English, Academic Classicists

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