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James Ensor


 Belgian Expressionist Avant-Garde Painter

One of the Greatest Painters Of All Time

Stylistically Influenced by the Following Art Movements -Symbolism and  Impressionism

Education: Brussels Academy, Belgium

Cause of Death:  Old Age

 Christ's Entry into Brussels in 1889  c. 1888 by  James Ensor one of the greatest paintings of all time

James Ensor Art Quotations

I do not impose impressions. I attach no importance to labels. I don't like adjectives. -- James Ensor 

God is a force. He is that which is strong. God is what we believe in. -- James Ensor 

My art tends toward the literary. My pictures tend toward the outskirts of painting: But why generalize? It is possible to realize one thing or another, according to the impressions gained from one point of view or another. But it is too difficult to make a general rule. -- James Ensor



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