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Origins of The Futurist Art Movement

Futurism was  founded in Italy in 1909, initially as a literary movement founded by the poet and writer Filippo Tommaso.
  The Futurists embraced everything modern. The loved motion, technology and modernity. The Futurist Manifesto is somewhat overbearing and rabble-rousing in tone -  but their hearts were in the right place. The artists were tired of corny sentimental scenes of rosy cheeked milkmaids and portraits of the bloated aristocracy. The Futurism Manifesto demanded that artist run to the local library and "set fire to the library shelves". The movement influenced many painters, including Marcel Duchamp and such movements as Cubism and Russian Constructivism.

With our enthusiastic adherence to Futurism, we will:

1. Destroy the cult of the past, the obsession with the ancients, pedantry and academic formalism.

2. Totally invalidate all kinds of imitation.

3. Elevate all attempts at originality, however daring, however violent.

4. Bear bravely and proudly the smear of “madness” with which they try to gag all innovators.

5. Regard art critics as useless and dangerous.

6. Rebel against the tyranny of words: “Harmony” and “good taste” and other loose expressions which can be used to destroy the works of Rembrandt, Goya, Rodin...

7. Sweep the whole field of art clean of all themes and subjects which have been used in the past.

8. Support and glory in our day-to-day world, a world which is going to be continually and splendidly transformed by victorious Science.

The dead shall be buried in the earth’s deepest bowels! The threshold of the future will be swept free of mummies! Make room for youth, for violence, for daring!  --  Manifesto of the Futurist Painters




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