Henri Cross


French Pointillist, Neo-Impressionist,  Painter

His Style Was Influenced by the following Painters and Art movements - Paul Signac, Jean Auguste Ingres, Monet, Renoir and Japanese prints and Art Nouveau

Education - Ecoles Académiques de Dessin et d’Architecture in Lille and later at the Ecole des Beaux Art, Paris, France

Mediums - oil on canvas, pastel, drawing,  bronze

Cause of Death - Old Age


The Pointillist Art Movement

In the early 1880s, in the wake of impressionism,  French painter Georges Pierre Seurat pioneered a methodical and scientific technique known as pointillism or divisionism. Seurat juxtaposed small dots of pure color together to maximize luminosity. The dots appeared to intermingle and blend in the spectator's eye.

Distinguished art critic and historian, Mardsen Hartley observed "The artist remains the artist precisely in so far as he rejects the simplifying and reducing process of the average man who at an early age pu ts Life away into some snug conception of his mind and race. This one turns the key. He has released his will and love from the vast Ceremonial of wonder, from the deep Poem of Being, into some particular detail of life wherein he hopes to achieve comfort or at least shun pain. Not so, the artist. In the moment when he elects to avoid by whatever[xii] makeshift the raw agony of life, he ceases to be fit to create. He must face experience forever freshly: reduce life each day anew to chaos and remould it into order. He must be always a willing virgin, given up to life and so enlacing it. Thus only may he retain and record that pure surprise whose earliest voicing is the first cry of the infant.

The Principal Pointillist Painters

Georges Seurat  1859-1891

Theo Van Rysselberghe 1862 – 1926

Camille Pissarro  1830-1903

Paul Signac French, 1863-1935

Maximilien Luce 1858-1941

Charles Angrand 1854-1926

Georges Lemmen 1865-1916

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