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Alexei von Jawlensky

Russian Expressionist Painter and Member of the Der Blaue Reiter Movement

In the late 1930s Alexei von Jawlensky
 art was declared  Entartete Kunst by the Nazis and removed from public spaces in Germany and all other occupied countries.

Education - Imperial Academy of Arts in St Petersburg

Cause of Death -  arthritis deformens, as the disease progressed he lost the use of his hands and was paralyzed for several years prior to his death.


Alexei von Jawlensky is one of the most notorious artists of the Russian avant-garde, Jawlensky' s works are practically undiscovered in Russia. As a man and a painter he was concerned about the spiritual content of his art and transcended any particular style. He did not pursue the ideal physical or emotional beauty, but the depicted the utmost spiritual meaning . He was against materialism and conformity, and interested in personal reflection and the mysterious of the universe. As his physical health worsened he turned more and more to God and the Holy Scriptures for inspiration.

Alexei von Jawlensky Inspirational Art Quotation

 The artist expresses only what he has within himself, not what he sees with his eyes. -- Alexei von Jawlensky Quote




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