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What are Proverbs and Where do the come from?

Proverbs and old sayings reveal many aspects about the cultural  traditions of a society. Proverbs originated from indigenous humble folk who handed down these wise old sayings over the centuries, generation to generation. Many proverbs serve as advisory tales and wise counsel

Madagascar Proverbs, Old Sayings and Quotes

Inspirational  Quotes and Proverbial Wisdom from Africa

Without the forest, there will be no more water, without water, there will be no more rice. -- Madagascar Proverb
 Truth is like sugar cane; even if you chew it for a long time, it is still sweet. -- Madagascar Proverb

Words are like eggs: when they are hatched they have wings. -- Madagascar Proverb
Friendship reminds us of fathers, love of mothers. -- Madagascar Proverb

Cross in a crowd and the crocodile won't eat you. -- Madagascar Proverb

People are like plants in the wind: they bow down and rise up again. -- Madagascar Proverb

Like the chameleon, one eye on the future, one eye on the past. -- Madagascar Proverb

However little food we have, we'll share it even if it's only one locust. -- Madagascar Proverb

People are like eels in the water, they wander this way and that. -- Madagascar Proverb

All who live under the sky are woven together like one big mat. -- Madagascar Proverb

Govern a country as you would roast a crocodile on a spit. -- Madagascar Proverb

Those who know how to swim are the ones who sink. -- Madagascar Proverb

Whichever hand is cut, the whole body feels the pain. -- Madagascar Proverb

They who drink the water from the Manangareza river always come back to Madagascar. -- Madagascar Proverb

You can't catch a louse with one finger. -- Madagascar Proverb

Other people's children cause your nostrils to flare. -- Madagascar Proverb

The child of a rat is a rat.-- Malagasy Proverb

 Nothing is so difficult that diligence cannot master it. -Madagascar Proverb

Do not boast about your wealth if you are a father. -- Madagascar Proverb

Don't praise your wife before a year. -- Madagascar Proverb

A patient that can swallow food makes the nurse doubtful. -- Madagascar Proverb

Flatters, like rats, tickle and then bite. -- Malagasy Proverb

In a fight with a fool it's a wise man who quits. --Madagascar Proverb

Those who rush things too much, without reflection, can be surpassed by those who take their time. -- Madagascar Proverb

Let your love be like the misty rains, coming softly, but flooding the river. -- Madagascar Proverb

Don't think there are no sharks because the water is calm. -- Madagascar Proverb

Even the dead in their family vaults enjoy being in large company. -- Malagasy Proverb

Disgraced like a man whose own dog bites him. -- Madagascar Proverb

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