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Edouard Manet


One of the Greatest Painters Of All Time

French Realist and Impressionist Painter

Education- He studied under Thomas Couture

Artistically and Stylistically Influenced by the following Painters: Velasquez, Gustave Courbet, Monet, Berth Morisot, Goya ,  Titian and Raphael

Cause of Death -The French Disease (syphilis)

 It appears that it is necessary that I make a nude. Well, I will do it.. In the transparency of the open air, with people as those which we see over there. I am going to be criticized savagely. it doesn't matter... -- Edouard Manet

A painter can say all he wants to with fruit or flowers or even clouds.. -- Edouard Manet

A good painting is true to itself. -- Edouard Manet

Claude Monet
writing about Edouard Manet asserted "It was only in 1869 that I saw him again, and then we at once became firm friends. At our first meeting he invited me to join him every evening at a café in the Batignolles district, where he and his friends gathered at the end of the day to talk. There I met Frantin-Latour, Cézanne, Degas, who had recently returned from Italy, the art critic Duranty, Emile Zola, who was then making his first foray into literature, and several others. For my part I used to take Sisley, Bazille and Renoir there. Nothing could have been more interesting than the discussions we had, with their perpetual clash of opinions. They kept our wits sharpened, encouraged us to press ahead with our own experiments, and provided us with enough enthusiasm to keep at it for weeks on end until our ideas became clear and coherent. From them we emerged more finely tempered, our wills firmer, our thoughts clearer and less confused"

Key Descriptive Words  and Phrases associated with Impressionism -  Parisian cafe Culture, 19th-century, Paris, soleil levant, Louis Leroy, open composition, impasto, vibrant, effets de soir, natural light, en plein air, 1874, Académie des Beaux-Arts, boating, leisure activities, Landscapes, modernization, synthetic pigments, industrialization, Independent Collective, avant-garde, Primitivism, Symbolist, France, French painters, The Académie Suisse, controversial ideas about painting, physics of colour, broader strokes, fleeting impression of colour and light, bright, vibrant, flowers, figures, atmosphere


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