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Amedeo Modigliani


One of the Greatest Painters Of All Time

Avant-garde Italian
Painter,  Sculptor and  Bohemian

Artistically Influenced by the following Painters and Art Movements -  Art Nouveau, Cubism,  Umberto BoccioniJames Ensor Paul Cézanne and,  Wassily Kandinsky

Education - studied under Guglielmo Micheli  and attended  Fattori at the Scuola Libera di Nudo

Cause of Death - tubercular meningitis - contributing factors were alcoholism and drug addiction

Amedeo Modigliani Quotations 

The function of art is to struggle against obligation ~ Amedeo Modigliani

With one eye you are looking at the outside world, while with the other you are looking within yourself. Amedeo Modigliani

Amedeo Modigliani Biography Interesting Facts

Amedeo Modigliani was born July 12, 1884, in the picturesque village of Livorno, Italy.

Flaminio and Eugenia Modigliani were lively, forward-thinking parents who encouraged young Amedeo artistic leanings.

Modigliani sold his drawings in taverns and cafes and to pay for his meals and dinks.

In a drunken rage, once tossed his bisexual lover, South African writer Beatrice Hastings, out a window.

Modigliani was considered an eccentric character even for the Montmartre district of Paris. He was often without funds for even a small loaf of bread. Local prostitutes often took pity on the handsome young Italian artist when he was homeless and hungry.

Readers Comments:

Fighting Forms from 1914 is my favorite Marc painting. This work was unquestionably produced under the sway of Wassily Kandinsky. Franz Marc is the originator of modern art. The `Blue Rider' group was founded by Franz and his chum Kandinsky. As time passed, under Kandinsky' s sway Marc turned increasingly to abstract art. His father labored as a professor at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. The young Franz initially wanted to become a priest. Then he turned to philosophy. In 1900 he took painting classes at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts and decided to purse his love of painting. -- Kathryn Lynne Marcel, Berlin, Germany

Franz paintings are a convoluted and velvety matrix of both mysteriousness and discovery. His work is "contained by a tortured soul" and can only be described as 'incredible' and 'farsighted'. Some figures are delicately executed; others progress more mischievously and seem thrown into the composition. . -- Bonnie Goldstein, Germantown, Pa

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