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Dutch Painters


 Masters of Early Netherlandish Painting

Listed Alphabetically

Hieronymus Bosch (1453 - 1516) Northern Renaissance

Dieric Bouts the Elder (1413-1475)  Northern Renaissance

Limbourg Brothers (1370s-1416)  Illuminators

Quentin Massys (14661530) Northern Renaissance, Antwerp school

Hans Memling (1434-1494) German

Jan Vermeer (1632 - 1675)  Baroque

Rogier van der Weyden (1399-1464) Dutch, Northern Renaissance

Key Descriptive Words  and Phrases associated with Netherlandish Painters rebirth, Antwerp, commerce, northern Europe, merchant class, Bruges, genre painting, landscapes, portraits, scenes of daily life, Christian symbolism. moralizing overtones, human vices, lust,  publication of Della Pittura, a book about the laws of mathematical perspective for artists,  spiritually significant,  illuminated manuscript,  idealized biblical themes, scriptorium, illuminator,  Age of Discovery, axonometric drawing, curiosity about the natural world,  realistic use of colors and  light, allegorical, Gospel parables, The Blackdeath,  landscapes with peasants

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