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Art Nouveau


Art Nouveau means 'New Art' in French

The Art Nouveau style is characterized by strong compositions, natural colors,  sensuous curves derived from nature  and graceful flowing lines. Reality and stylization are fully integrated throughout the entire composition.  Heavily influenced by Japanese woodblock prints, the highly stylized organic, ornamental shapes and patterns quickly infused all aspects of design and later inspired the Art Deco movement.

Art Nouveau  first appeared in the mid 1880s, lasting into the early 1900s. The style developed in Paris.  Alphonse Mucha Gustav Klimt and  Théophile Steinlen are most closely associated with the Art Nouveau style.  Artists of this style emphasized intensely erotic themes as well as mythology and litrature. Favoring: Eve, flowers, butterflies, Lilith, serpents and nature motifs.  Art Nouveau designs influenced jewelry, architectural design,  wallpaper and furniture,  posters,  magazine and calendar illustration.

Masters of the Art Nouveau Style

Théophile Steinlen, Swiss, 1859-1923

Gustav Klimt, Austrian, 1862-1918

Aubrey Beardsley, British, 1872-1898

Alphonse Mucha, Czechoslovakian, 1860-1939

 Antonio Gaudí, Spanish, 1852-1926

 Hector Guimard, French, 1867-1942)

 Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, French, 1861-1901

Charactoristics, Words  and Phrases associated with the Art Nouveau movement- butterflies, birds, simplified forms,  femininity, pictorial rhythm, strong compositions, natural colors, sensuous curves derived from nature, graceful flowing lines, stylization Japanese woodblock prints, organic, ornamental shapes and patterns.  



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