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Italian  High Renaissance Painter of the Venetian School

Titianís Philip II in Armor


Titian, the mighty king of  Venetian painting did not grow up in Venice itself, not even in the neighboring plain, but in the distant village of Pieve di Cadore near the Austrian Alps. He spent his early years in the midst of solemn pine woods and mighty mountain walls. This alone gave his personality a different character. The house in which he was born lies at the uttermost end of the village, where the hill begins and the Pieve river roars down from the storm capped heights. He heard the wind sweep through the mighty tree-tops and rattle the joints of the houses; he saw uprooted stones crush against the shore, and the rain pour down the from the black storm-clouds. So he was the first to associate wit the quiet repose and the tender lyricism of Venetian painting a dramatic and impassioned element. -Richard Muther, The History of  Painting, Henry and Co., London, 1896

The Meaning of Sacred Symbols in  Paintings. Most prominently featured  symbols and their meaning:



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