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Camille Pissarro

French  Impressionist Painter

Artistically and stylistically influenced by the following painters; Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot Degas, Monet, Signac, Seurat andCézanne

Cause of Death -  Old Age

Pissarro was one of the most important artists of the immpressionist Movement. Mardsen Hartley, author and art historian observes"The two artists who give the true thrill of this phase of the modern movement are without question Pissarro and Sisley. It is the belief of these two artists in the appearance of things for themselves, under the influence of the light problem, which gives them a strength not always visible at first by reason of a greater simplicity of effect which dominates all of their pictures. We see in both these men a real and impressive desire for a more exacting scientific relation as discovered by intellectual consideration, than is to be found in the emotional outcry predominating in most of the pictures of Monet. These do not hold for us in this day as solidly as they were expected to. There is a kind of superficiality and consequent dissatisfaction in the conspicuous aspiration toward the first flush, one may call it, of enthusiasm for impressionistic experience. There comes to one who is really concerned, the ever increasing desire to turn toward Pissarro and Sisley and to quietly dispense with many or most of Monet's pictures, not to speak of a legitimate haste to pass over the phlegmatic enthusiasms of the younger followers."

Hartley further explains The "test of endurance" in the impressionistic movement is borne out; the strength of realization is to be found in Pissarro and Sisley and not in the vapid niceties of Monet, whose work became thinner and thinner by habitual repetitive painting, and by a possible false sense of security in his argument. Monet had become the habitual impressionist, and the habitual in art is its most conspicuous fatality. The art of Monet grew weaker throughout the various stages of Waterloo, Venice, Rouen, Giverney, and the Water Lilies which formed periods of expression, at least to the mind of the observer. Monet's production had become a kind of mercerized production, and a kind of spurious radiance invested them, in the end. It remained for Pissarro, Sisley, Cézanne, and Seurat to stabilize the new discovery, and to give it the stamina it was meant to contain, as a scientific idea, scientifically applied."

Camille Pissarro Quotations

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing. -- Camille Pissarro Quote

Cover the canvas at the first go, then work at it until you see nothing more to add. -- Camille Pissarro Quote

I began to understand my sensations, to know what I wanted, at around the age of forty--but only vaguely. At fifty, that is in 1880, I formulated the idea of unity, without being able to render it. At sixty, I am beginning to see the possibility of rendering it. -- Camille Pissarro Quote

In my opinion, the art that is the most corrupt is sentimental art. -- Camille Pissarro Quote.

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