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Joshua Reynolds


 English Rococo Era Painter

George Grenville, Earl Temple, Mary, Countess Temple, and Their Son Richard c.1782

"When the artist is once enabled to express himself with some degree of correctness, he must then endeavor to collect subjects for expression; to amass a stock of ideas, to be combined and varied as occasion may require." - Joshua Reynolds Quote

Key Descriptive Words and Phrases associated with the Rococo  Movement -   Late Baroque, tapestry, Charlottenburg Palace, Versailles, 18th century, France, colloquialism, Louis XV's reign, frills, powdered wigs, masks, whimsy, garish makeup, men in high heels, cherubs, elaborate recipes, pre-revolution,  rediscovery of the classical world, Château de Chantilly, ethereal  background scenery, melodramatic, decorative,  Age of Discovery, axonometric drawing, curiosity about the natural world,  pastel colors,  romanticized landscapes, courtship themed paintings



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