"For the objects of contemplation it has to produce, Art requires not only an external given material - (under which are also included subjective images and ideas), but - for the expression of spiritual truth - must use the given forms of nature with a significance which art must divine and possess . " -- Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel c. 1830, Romanticist writer and philosopher

Romanticism started in Germany and quickly moved to England in the early 1780s. In the beginning the romantic movement was advanced mainly by a number of German writers and poets. Their influence on painters was inspiring and lasting.  The Romantics exalted courtly love and sought only poetry and truth. They refused to be restricted by the traditional approach to still-lifes, seascapes, and landscapes. They explored a classical and increasingly decorative painting style in which structure, forms and luminescent colours were seen as having the power to evoke an emotional, and even spiritual, response in the viewer.  Music, literature and art acquired profound or idealistic meaning. Legends, folklore, mythology and fairytales were rich sources of inspiration. The Romantics dreamed of a world made better through art that would articulate ideal beauty and the nobleness of the true love.


Masters of  Romanticism

William Blake British, 1757-1827 Romantic Painter

Eugène Delacroix French, 1798 - 1863 Romantic  Painter

John Constable English, 1776-1837 Romantic Painter




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