Andrei Rublev


Russian  Late Gothic Byzantine  Painter

Stylistically influenced by the following painters - Theophanes The Greek,  and Carolingian Art

Education - apprenticed to Theophanes The Greek

Rublev was a monk in the Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery, and a devout follower of St. Sergius. He took a vow of silence and poured his passions and obsessions into his paintings. His style is characterized by a highly formalized, linear Byzantine style. Rublev's Madonna possess an almost piercing beauty, with unforgiving melancholy eyes.  He depicted biblical personalities as celestial beings, otherworldly but spiritually alive.  He is  considered one the greatest Russian icon painter of all time.

Icons are different than paintings and do not represent what a artist sees. There is certain rigid compositional formula that an Icon painter must follow. Icons play a part in the Orthodox Church ritual.  They have been known to heal the ailing, answer prayers and bring about miracles.

Life in the Middle Ages was harsh. The average life span was just 30.  Rublev lived in a dark, brutal, dangerous time but his haunting art-works reflect only his feelings of compassion, calm and love of God.  His work is well known and celebrated throughout Russia.  He possessed the remarkable ability to convey the intense spirituality and mystical serenity of his faith. 

Most importantly featured in his work are the holy figures of the Christian faith -Christ Saints, The CrossVirgin Mary Chalice, Keys, The Anchor, Wheat The Good Shepherd and The Apostles,

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