Paul Signac


French Pointillist Painter and member of the radical avant-garde Brussels Societe des XX

His Style Was Influenced by the following Painters and Art Movements  -Impressionism, Monet, Paul Signac, Georges Seurat, and Manet

Education: Self-taught

Artist Biography  and A Description of His Style

Paul Signac was born into a prosperous family of shopkeepers. His first works were strongly influenced by the Impressionism of Monet. Signac was one of the founding members of the Salon des Independents, an organization formed in 1884 to exhibit the work of imaginative artists whose work had been rejected by the sanctioned Salon.  Encouraged by his friendship with Georges Seurat,  Signac started experimenting with divisionism and adopted the pointillist style. This unique style of painting is characterized by a methodical and scientific technique known as pointillism or divisionism. Pointillism painters juxtaposed small dots of pure color together to maximize luminosity. The dots appeared to intermingle and blend in the spectator's eye. During this phase of his artistic career he produced his greatest successes. Signac was a jovial care-free sort whose artistic output was limited primarily to sunny seascapes and the like. Signac was somewhat of a sailor and loved to paint images that reminded him of the sea.

Paul Signac Quotations

"Art is a creation of a higher order than a copy of nature which is governed by chance.... By the elimination of all muddy colors, by the exclusive use of optical mixture of pure colors, by a methodical divisionism and a strict observation of the scientific theory of colors, the neo-impressionists insures a maximum of luminosity, of color intensity, and of harmony- a result that has never yet been obtained." -- Paul Signac

The Principal Pointillist Painters

Georges Seurat  1859-1891

Camille Pissarro  1830-1903

 Henri Cross 1834-1917

Paul Signac 1863-1935

Maximilien Luce 1858-1941

Charles Angrand 1854-1926

Georges Lemmen 1865-1916

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