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Ten American Painters 

Julian Alden Weir along with John Henry Twachtman was one of the founding members of the Ten American Painters. Weir's picturesque  Branchville, Connecticut, home was a creative a gathering place for many of the members. The group, which broke  away from the Society of American Artists, the main artist organization of the time, consisted of ten of the most innovative and brilliant landscape painters of the era, all of whom were associated the French Impressionist and American Tonalist style. Twachtman once famously stated, "Some day some of you will become painters, and a few of you will do distinguished work, and then the American public will turn you down for second and third rate French painters." The group held years exhibitions which received national and international critical acclaim.

Members of the The American Ten

Willard L. Metcalf American, 1858-1925

Julian Alden Weir American,1852-1919

Joseph R. De Camp American,1858-1923

Edmund C. Tarbell American,1862-1938

Robert Reid American,1862-1929

 Frank Benson American,1862-1951

Thomas Wilmer Dewing  American, 1851-1938

 John Henry Twachtman American,1853-1902

Childe Hassam American,1859-1935

Edward E. Simmons American,1852-1931

William Merritt Chase American, 1849-1916

Key terms and phrase associated with the American Ten Impressionism, Tonalism, obscured details, single-figure themes, the natural and spiritual domain, waking, unconscious states, sleep, dreams, death, aura, landscape painting, religious significance, emotionalism, emotionalists, pictorial space, compositional space, diffused light, incandescent glow, organic forms, artistic inspiration, illusionist representation, luminous, transcendentalist, glowing, metaphysical, emotional expression, poetic, evocative


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