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Joseph Mallord William Turner


One of the Greatest Painters Of All Time

 English Romantic Realist Landscape  Marine Painter

Influences - TitianPeiter de HoochRembrandt

Education - Royal Academy School,  London  England

Painting Medium - drawings and watercolors on paper, oil on canvas

Joseph Mallord William Turner Biography

Joseph Mallord William Turner was born in London in 1775, but spent most of his childhood boarding with relatives in Middlesex and Kent. His mother was known as the town lunatic, given to fits of rage and madness. He was home schooled by his father, the local barber. Young JMW's  first occupation was as an assistant to an architect. While still a youth he decided to follow his dream of becoming an artist, and began to study at the schools of the Royal Academy. England J.M.W. Turner was greatest landscape artists was who ever lived. His total life was dedicated to painting. Turner was reclusive and secretive. Although he never married or had children he had a series of beautiful mistresses. He hated to part with his paintings and became depressed when talked into selling one of his masterpieces. Towards the end of his life he became known as the town eccentric. Turner died in Chelsea on 19 December 1851. He is buried in Saint Paul's Cathedral.

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