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John Henry Twachtman (1853-1902) American, Tonalist


""You do not know how tempting every opportunity is to me, and how I long to go in quest of fame and fortune. Why should it be either and why can't happiness be complete without either or both?" -- John Henry Twachtman

"In my mind I have finer pictures than ever before. Ten thousand pictures come and go every day and those are the only complete pictures painted, pictures that shall never be polluted by paint and canvas." John Henry Twachtman

"What tasks the man did set himself in the painting of a white apron with which he was as much in love as the face of a person." John Henry Twachtman

"Winter... that feeling of quiet and all nature is hushed to silence." John Henry Twachtman

"Some day some of you will become painters, and a few of you will do distinguished work, and then the American public will turn you down for second and third rate French painters." John Henry Twachtman

"A cloudy sky to make it mysterious and a fog to increase the mystery. Just imagine how suggestive things are..." John Henry Twachtman

'I feel more and more contented with the isolation of country life. To be isolated is a fine thing and we are all then nearer to nature. 1 can see how necessary it is to live always in the country-at all seasons of the year." -- John Henry Twachtman

"To be isolated is a fine thing and we are then nearer to nature." John Henry Twachtman

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