Pierre August Renoir


One of the Greatest Painters Of All Time
 French Impressionist Painter

His Style Was Influenced by the following Painters  - Manet, Cézanne,Degas, Monet, and Sisley.

Cause of Death:  Hear Attack

About the Painter

The most conspicuous characteristic of Renoirs paintings is the accurate and passionately recorded visual reality in terms of transient effects of light and colour. Renoir was captivated by city and outdoor scenes: café-concert, millinery boutique, theater, opera, outdoor markets, seascapes, gardens, cafes, and sensuous young nudes. His paintings depict women in active roles, and not only as erotic objects on exhibit. He focused on capturing the overall impression of a scene through effects created by using light and color in diverse ways. Renoir liked to work outside, observing nature directly and record fleeting atmospheric effects with his brush. He believed that light was inseparable from the object it illuminated, so to capture the light at a precise moment, he worked from direct observation. Renoir executed this emotional style with bold strokes and graceful applications of color. Over time as he lost his eyesight, his work became more abstracted.

In the early part of his career Renoir became infamous for his art - in the beginning the young Impressionist painters were  scorned by the public. Art critics referred to their paintings as unfinished messes and declared the artists to be wild lunatics.

Auguste Renoir Art Quotations

"Why shouldn't art be pretty? There are enough unpleasant things in the world."-- Pierre-Auguste Renoir Quote

"I paint with my prick "- Pierre-Auguste Renoir Quote

 “When I've painted a woman's bottom so that I want to touch it, then is finished.” - Pierre-Auguste Renoir Quote

“I consider women who are authors, lawyers and politicians are monsters” - Pierre-Auguste Renoir Quote

"The purpose of painting is to decorate the walls. Therefore it has to be as rich as possible" -- Pierre-Auguste Renoir Quote

Major Impressionist Painters

Auguste Renoir

 Claude Monet

Alfred Sisley

Frederic Bazille

Gustave Caillebotte

Edgar Degas

Mary Cassatt

Armand Guillaumin

Berthe Morisot

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