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The Cubist Art Movement


"Cubism is not a style, but an aesthetic, even a mental state." - Juan Gris

"Everything in nature takes its form from the sphere, the cone, and the cylinder." -- Paul Cezanne

Description and Origins of Cubism

 Cubism is an avant-garde modern art movement headed by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. The term "cubism" was coined by Henri Matisse in 1908. The movement was something of a backlash to the impressionist period. Cubist painting caused a scandal in the art world and was considered revolutionary at the time.  Picasso and Braque catalyzed a transformation in innovative techniques and mediums. Artists, inspired by their style, started  breaking away from the dogma of impressionism and post impressionism which had maintained a strangle-hold over the modern art world.

Important Cubist Painters

Juan Gris  Spanish,1887-1927

Fernand Léger  French, 1881-1955

Pablo Picasso  Spanish, 1881-1973

Paul Cezanne  French, 1839-1906

Georges Braque French 1882-1963

Key Descriptive Words  and Phrases associated with this period- geometrical forms, sum of destructions, simplified forms, subdued colors, non-objective, pictorial rhythm, Analytical Cubism, Synthetic Cubism and collages. 

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