Henri Manguin


 French  Fauvist Painter

Artistically and stylistically influenced  the following painters and art movements  - Matisse, Van Gogh,  Cézanne, Impressionism, Gauguin,  Maurice Vlaminck, Cubism,  and Japanese Woodblock Prints

Education - Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France

Cause of Death - He was run over by a truck

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Saint Tropez Landscape
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   The prevailing characteristic of Henri Manguin's work is vibrant colour and simplified forms. He avoided unnecessary detail, instead using dazzling color and strong lines to produce masterful compositions. Influenced by the work of Cézanne as well as the  Impressionist paintings of Monet and Renoir, Manguin’s Fauve paintings are typically lively with concentrated color. He felt the composition of colors was as vital as a painting's subject matter in communicating meaning. Derain's work is high-keyed, exploratory and intense. He explored in his  art a new world of passion and vibrancy, but with a expressiveness and profound understanding of color.

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