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The Nabis


The name 'Nabi', is Hebrew for 'prophet'

The Nabis were a group of artists, led by Pierre Bonnard and Edouard Vuillard, they were closely connected to the Symbolist movement and Art Nouveau. They rejected Impressionism’s emphasis on ephemeral effects and concentrated on reducing the elements of a painting to an interplay of shapes and colours. They strongly opposed positivism and naturalism, movements that were aligned with the Impressionist movement. As a group they favored browns, beiges and blues.

The Nabis worshipped Paul Gauguin and emulated his style and bohemian attitude. Japanese prints, Carolingian Art and the great paintings of the Sienese School were rich sources of inspiration for the fun loving, avant-garde painters.

A List of the Greatest Painters Associated with the Nabi Movement

Édouard Vuillard French Nabi Painter, 1868 - 1940

Pierre Bonnard, French Nabi Painter, 1867-1947

Maurice Denis, French Nabi Painter, 1870-1943

Félix Vallotton French Nabi Painter, 1865-1925

Ker-Xavier Roussel, French Nabi Painter, 1867-1944

About the Rocco Movement
'The Art of the Aristocracy'
The word is derived from "rocaille" (pebble), but the term referred in particular to the small stones and shells used to adorn the interiors of grottoes. Such shells or shell forms were the primary motifs in Rococo ornament.





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