Ventura Salimbeni

 Mannerist Italian Painter of the Sienese School

Stylistically influenced by the following painters;  Domenico Beccafumi, El Greco, Veronese and Tintoretto

Cause of Death - Fever

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  Ventura Salimbeni was one of the most outstanding painters of the Mannerist school in the 16th century. The prevailing characteristic of his paintings are unnaturally elongated figures and intense contrasts of color.  The haunting passion of Salimbeni’s work reveal an artist overcome by religious zeal.
 He was a man of unconventional habits and ideas, of tremendous resolve, extraordinary boldness, and intense piousness. A feverish zealotry can be felt in many of Ventura Salimbeni's canvases dating from the 1580s until the time of his death.

His subjects, like his predecessors, are all religious – the Virgin Mary, the Life of Christ, the Apostles, Angeles and the Life of St. Francis.

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