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German Painters   

Examples of German Painting  (click to enlarge)

The Greatest German Painters of All Time

Otto Dix (1891 - 1969) German, Expressionist

Albrecht Dürer (1471 - 1528)  German, Northern Renaissance

George Grosz (1893–1959) German Expressionist

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880 - 1938) German, Expressionist

August Macke (1887 - 1914) German

Hans Memling (1434-1494) German, Flemish

Franz Marc (1880 - 1916) German, Fauvist

Emil Nolde (1867 - 1956) German, Expressionist

Rosa da Tivoli (1655-1706) German, Baroque

Franz Xavier Winterhalter (1805-1873) German, Academic Classicists

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