Ernst Ludwig Kirchner


One of the Greatest Painters Of All Time

German  Expressionist Painter and one of the founding member of the Dresden based artists called Die Brücke ("The Bridge")

Stylistically influenced by the following painters and art movements; Art Nouveau ,Impressionism  Cubism, Albrecht Dürer, Francisco GoyaJames EnsorPaul Cézanne and especially, Wassily Kandinsky

Education: Technische Hochschule  in Dresden, Germany

Mental Health:  He was emotionally fragile and suffered several mental breakdowns throughout his life.

Cause of Death - Depressed over the rise of Nazism and the destruction of Modern Art, he committed suicide in Switzerland.  The Nazis defamed his work as “Entartete Kunst” in 1937 and seized all of his paintings  on exhibit in public museums.

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Street Scene in Berlin
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Spring, 1918-19
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