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 Ventura Salimbeni

 Mannerist Italian Painter of the Sienese School

Stylistically influenced by the following painters;  Domenico Beccafumi, Federico Barocci and Ludovico Cigoli

Cause of Death - Fever

Ventura Salimbeni was one of the most outstanding painters of the Mannerist school in the 16th century. He was born into a family of painters.  The prevailing characteristic of his expressive paintings are  elongated figures and intense contrasts of color.  The distinctive qualities of Salimbeni’s work reveal an artist inspired by both religion and personal vision.
 Salimbeni paintings are both mysterious, extraordinary bold and imaginative. A contemplative dreamlike quality can be felt in many of Ventura Salimbeni's canvases dating from the 1580s until the time of his death.

Description and Characteristics of the Mannerist Style

The name mannerism comes from the Italian maniera, which translates to 'style'. Mannerism is an artistic style that was born in the early 1500s. The style originated in Italy and later widened to all of Europe. Mannerists paintings are characterized by elongated limbs, thin aquiline noses, tapering fingers, undersized heads, garish colors and elaborately mannered and contorted postures. There is usually a theatrical air of restless action. The Mannerists in Italy worked on commission for a restricted audience of Vatican powerbrokers and royalty. The subjects they painted were generally religious themes, portraits and sometimes mythology.  El Greco spurned the lavish commissions in favor of artistic freedom and went off to Spain and to pursue his own extraordinary vision.

Masters of The Mannerist Style

Paolo Veronese

Jacopo da Pontormo

El Greco

Giorgio Vasari

Giovanni Rosso Fiorentino

Agnolo Bronzino




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