Realism is school of painting that shuns idealization and theatrical romanticizing of events and the human form.  Different types of realism include - Classical Realism, Fantastic Realism, Heroic Realism, Photorealism

Masters of Realism

Jacques-Louis David, Heroic Realism, French, 1748-1825

George Bingham American, 1811-1879

Gustave Courbet French 1819-1877

Honore Daumier French, 1808-1879

John  Copley Classical Realism, American, 1738-1815

Thomas Eakins Classical Realism, American, 1844-1916

John  Copley American, 1738-1815

James Peale American, 1749-1831

Remington American, 1866-1909

Norman Rockwell American,  1894-1978

George Catlin American, 1796-1872 Realist Western Painter






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References - French Art Classic and Contemporary Painting and Sculpture by W. C. Brownell