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Sofonisba Anguissola

1532 –1625

Mannerist Painter

Artistically and stylistically influenced by the following painters; -  Antonio Campi and  Bernardino Campi

Education: she studied under Antonio Campi and  Bernardino Campi

Cause of Death -  she died of Old Age.  "Though deprived of sight in her latter years, she retained to the last her other faculties, her love of art, and her relish for the society of its professors."

One of the Greatest Painters Of All Time

Mediums - painting



 Sofonisba Anguissola lived an amazing life filled with art, laughter, court intrigue and romantic passion. One of the great beauties of her day she married several times..always for love. Up until her early 80s entertained gentleman callers in her art filled love nest. Her portraits are fresh and intriguing even after 450 years. According to art historian Shearjashub Spooner and  Sofonisba biographer, "This noble lady of Cremona (born about 1530), was one of six sisters, all amiable, and much distinguished in arts and letters. She displayed a taste for drawing at a very early age, and soon became the best pupil in the school of Antonio Campi. One of her early sketches, of a boy caught with his hand in the claw of a lobster, with a little girl laughing at his plight, was in possession of Vasari, and by him esteemed worthy of a place in a volume which he had filled with drawings by the most famous masters of that great age. Portraiture was her chief study; and Vasari commends a picture which he saw at her father's house, of three of the sisters, and an ancient housekeeper of the family playing at chess, as a work "painted with so much skill and care, that the figures wanted only voice to appear alive." He also praises a portrait which she painted of herself, and presented to Pope Julius III., who died in 1555, which shows that she must have attracted the notice of princes while yet in her girlhood. At Milan, whither she accompanied her father, she painted the portrait of the Duke of Sessa, the Viceroy, who rewarded her with four pieces of brocade and various rich gifts."



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