Pietro Lorenzetti


Italian  Late Gothic  Byzantine  Painter of the Sienese School

Stylistically influenced by the following painters; Duccio di Buoninsegna, Giotto Di Bondone , Cimabue,  Coppo di Marcovaldo,  Manuscript Illumination, Carolingian Art

Medium - Tempera on wood, Fresco

Cause of Death -  Black Death  (plague) 

Pietro Lorenzetti was an unconventional creative genius. Even Lorenzetti's greatest works are tinged with a pensive melancholy. His work became prized by both secular and Catholic nobility for their compositional unity and intense Christian fervor. Lorenzetti's style was typified by the power of his abstracted geometrical patterns. Lines, shapes, and color were used to construct rhythms and dynamic figures. Pietro perished in 1348 along with his talented older brother Ambrogio Lorenzetti from the Black Death.

His subjects, like his predecessors, are all religious the Virgin Mary, the Life of Christ, the Apostles, Angeles and the Life of St. Francis.

 Upon the death of Pietro Lorenzetti  and thousands of other painters, the heart of the Italian art world was torn open.  The horrors of the black death pervaded all aspects of Medieval culture and especially art. The effects were  lasting, bringing a somber darkness to visual art, literature, and music. The dreadful trauma of this era instigated the imaginations of writers and painters in bleak and disturbing ways for decades to follow.

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