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Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres


One of the Greatest Painters Of All Time

French Neoclassical Painter

Artistically and stylistically influenced the following painters and art periods - The Renaissance Jacques-Louis David, Nicolas Poussin, Botticelli and Raphael

Education - Académie Royale de Peinture, Sculpture et Architecture, apprenticed to Jacques-Louis David and later attended classes at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France

Cause of Death - Pneumonia

Burial Place -  Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres inspirational Art Quotations

Drawing is the honesty of art. To draw does not mean simply to reproduce contours: drawing does not consist merely of line. Drawing is also expression, the inner form, the plane and modeling. See what remains after that. Drawing includes three and a half quarters of the content of painting. -- Jean Auguste Ingres Quote

A paintings is not completely finished until the artist has separated the spirit from body . -- Jean Auguste Ingres Quote

To love someone totally gives you courage. -- Jean Auguste Ingres Quote


The period is called neoclassical because its artists looked back to the art and culture of classical Greece and Rome.   The spread of Neoclassical Art was primarily inspired by recent roman archeological excavations, including Pompeii and by gay art historian Johann Joachim Winckelmann. Winckelmann touted the homoeroticism of Greco-Roman art, "beauty is rather male than female. But the beauty of art demands a higher sensibility than the beauty of nature, because the beauty of art, like tears shed at a play, gives no pain, is without life, and must be awakened and repaired by culture. Now, as the spirit of culture is much more ardent in youth than in manhood, the instinct of which I am speaking must be exercised and directed to what is beautiful, before that age is reached, at which one would be afraid to confess that one had no taste for it.” His enthusiastic descriptions of art from Classical Antiquity encouraged an interest in Greek antiquities.

Neoclassical art is characterized by its classical form and structure, clarity, and to an degree, realism. French Neoclassism painters emphasis's patriotism, as well as a sense of civility and honorableness. The movement was particularly connected with the beliefs of the French Revolution and was seen as anti-aristocratic. The fantasy-based aristocratic art of the Rococo seemed an insult upon the rights of men and was vilified by critics and the general public.  In an age of sweeping revolution and transformation Neoclassicism became the art of change.

French painter Jacques-Louis David was intrigues with the classical world and painted the petite, chunky  Napoleon as a magnificent Roman warrior astride a white stallion.  Mythology folklore, legends, and the serene grandeur of a bygone era were all favored themes for Neoclassical painters.

Principle Artists of the Neoclassical Period

James Barry Irish, 1741-1806
Antonio Canova Italian, 1757-1822
Jacques-Louis David French, 1748-1825
Jules Elie Delaunay French, 1828-1891
Francois Gerard French, 1770-1837
Antoine-Jean Gros  French, 1771-1835
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres French, 1780-1867
Angelica Kauffmann Swiss, 1741-1807
Rembrandt Peale American, 1778-1860
Bertel Thorvaldsen Danish, 1770-1844
John Trumbull American, 1756-1843
Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun   French, 1755-1842
Benjamin  West American, 1738-1820

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