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Important Painters of the Early Renaissance

Eminent Early Renaissance Artists Listed Alphabetically

Fra Angelico (1395 - 1455)  Italian, Florentine, Early Renaissance

Alesso Baldovinetti (1427-1499) Italian, Florentine, Early Renaissance

Taddeo di Bartolo (1362-1422) Italian, Sienese, Early Renaissance

Pedro Berruguete (1450 - 1504) Spanish Early Renaissance

Duccio di Buoninsegna (1255-1319) Italian, Sienese, Early Renaissance

Jacopo di Cione (1365-1398) Italian, Early Renaissance

Bernardo Daddi (1290-1348) Italian, Florentine, Early Renaissance

Giovanni di Paolo di Grazia (1403-1483) Italian, Sienese, Early Renaissance

Sano di Pietro (1406-1481) Italian, Sienese, Early Renaissance

Jean Fouquet (1420 - 1481)  French, Early Renaissance

Giotto (1267 - 1337) Italian, Florentine, Early Renaissance

Benozzo Gozzoli (1420-1497) Italian, Florentine, Early Renaissance

Fra Filippo Lippi (1406-1459) Italian, Florentine, Early Renaissance

Ambrogio Lorenzetti (1290-1348) Italian, Sienese, Early Renaissance

Pietro Lorenzetti (1280-1348) Italian, Sienese, Early Renaissance

Masaccio (1401 - 1428) Italian, Florentine, Early Renaissance

Coppo di Marcovaldo (1225-1274) Italian, Sienese, Early Renaissance

Simone Martini (1280-1344) Italian, Sienese, Early Renaissance

Lippo Memmi (1285 -1361) Italian, Sienese, Early Renaissance

Andrea Orcagna (1320-1368) Italian, Early Renaissance

Giovanni di Paolo (1399-1482) Italian, Sienese, Renaissance

Pietro Perugino (1445-1524) Italian, Umbrian SchoolEarly Renaissance

Sassetta (1394-1450) Italian, Sienese, Early Renaissance

Paolo Uccello (1397 - 1475) Italian, Florentine, Early Renaissance

Paolo Veneziano (1333-1360) Italian, Venetian, Early Renaissance  

Andrea del Verrocchio (1435-1488) Italian, Florentine, Early Renaissance  

The Early Renaissance - Changes in Society

The newly emerging painting techniques and styles were a reflection of the transformation that was taking place in Europe, the change from the medieval period to a more enlightened, tolerant society. Artists of the Renaissance were elevated in social standing and their art was no longer looked upon as simple handicrafts, but as divinely inspired creations. The spirit of an era awoke, revitalized with knowledge and creativity. The major painters of the Renaissance were not only artists but men of great genius who gave the world their great intellectual gifts. Florentine and Venetian painting were both formed by extraordinary personalities. These men tackled mathematical, artistic and philosophical problems of the highest interest, and presented solutions that have never lost their value. Leonardo da Vinci asserted "In dealing with a scientific problem, I first arrange several experiments, and then show with reasons why such an experiment must necessarily operate in this and in no other way. This is the method which must be followed in all research upon the phenomenon of nature. We must consult experience in the variety of cases and circumstances until we can draw from them a general rule that is contained in them. And for what purposes are these rules good? They lead us to further investigations of nature and to creations of art. They prevent us from deceiving ourselves and others by promising results which are not obtainable."

Key Descriptive Words  and Phrases associated with the Renaissance Movement rebirth, rediscovery of the classical world,  publication of Della Pittura, a book about the laws of mathematical perspective for artists,  sfumato, chiaroscuro, Savonarola, spiritually significant,  illuminated manuscript,  idealized biblical themes, scriptorium, illuminator,  Age of Discovery, axonometric drawing, curiosity about the natural world,  realistic use of colours and  light,  Bonfire of the Vanities, Old Testament stories, ethereal and foggy backgrounds, Gospel parables, The Blackdeath, romanticized landscapes,  Christian symbolism.


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