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Italian Early Renaissance Painter  of the Sienese School

Stylistically influenced by the following painters;  Sassetta, Ambrogio Lorenzetti,  Matteo di Giovanni, Neroccio dei Landi

Education - apprenticed to Sassetta

Mediums - tempera on panel

Cause of Death -  Old Age


Biography Information and Facts About the Artist

Sano de Pietro, was one the greatest Sienese painters. His studio was the most productive in Siena. Commissions poured in from all over Italy and beyond. The church favored his unique iconlike, Mother and child, are set against rich gold backgrounds. Sano de Pietro's artworks are visual poetry; combining an instinctive dreamlike visionary passion with warm, jewel like colors. Sassetta' s influence can also be detected in Sano’s blending of holy figures with mysterious visual elements,  arranged to indicate significance not otherwise present in the individual images.

Sano di Pietro's spiritually significant imagery included  representations of  the holy figures of the Christian faith.   Most prominently featured  are spiritually meaningful divine Christian symbols and persons --Christ Saints, The Cross Virgin Mary Chalice, Keys, The Anchor,Wheat The Good Shepherd, The Apostles, Animals, Fish, Angels, Birds, Insects  and Satan.

Key Descriptive Words  and Phrases associated with the Renaissance Movement rebirth, rediscovery of the classical world, City-state, Humanism, Humanist, Francesco Petrarch, Reform, The Prince, Theocracy, The Inquisition, Human Reasoning,  publication of Della Pittura, a book about the laws of mathematical perspective for artists, sfumato, chiaroscuro, linear perspectiveHeliocentric Theory, vanishing point, Savonarola, spiritually significant,  illuminated manuscriptidealized biblical themes, scriptorium, emotion, illuminator,  Age of Discovery, axonometric drawing, curiosity about the natural world, mythology,  realistic use of colours and lightBonfire of the Vanities, Old Testament stories, ethereal and foggy backgrounds, Gospel parables, The Blackdeath, romanticized landscapes,  Christian symbolism. Paradise



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